"An invaluable resource for organ builders."

M.L. Bigelow

About us

PIPEshader is a family-owned and run enterprise with experience in 3D graphics, graphic design, illustration, and pipe organ building. This mixture of expertise and experience is the best possible combination to deliver high quality photorealistic renderings to pipe organ builders.

Dan lived in France for two years and in his spare time visited every cathedral and church with a pipe organ that he could find. He worked, for a time, as a craftsman under M.L. Bigelow, but eventually pursued a career in the field of 3D graphics and animation. Dan has been working in 3D graphics for the past four years. He has experience in digital film, digital audio, web design, and compositing. He is familiar with all major graphic design and 3D software packages. PIPEshader is his way to bring modern technology and the king of instruments together into a beautiful whole.

Mary has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Brigham Young University. Her favorite mediums are graphite, charcoal, oil paint and the mouse. She contributes much of the design talent for PIPEshader.